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Benefits of Art


  1. What is the cost and how do you pay?

    The Kids Art Academy

    The cost is $27 per lesson, payable by the term and an annual enrol fee of $45. We run the same as public school terms which are mostly 10 weeks. See 'KIDS info & fees'. 

    Studio Jooles

    Term fees are broken up. 2 hour lessons are $40 payable in 5 week lots of $200. Please note than when you book a place you are committing to a whole term. Payment 2 is due on week 6 of the term. Because my classes have a waiting list you will need to book your place in the following term by paying $80 (2 lessons) on the last week.

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  1. When are classes held?

    Run during public school terms..  Our main kids program runs 1 hour, once a week after school. We also have some school holiday programs and workshops. See "KIDS info & fees' for current kids programs, or 'Studio Jooles lessons' for adults.

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  1. How many students in a class?

    The Kids Art Academy

    We have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 kids per class. Students come out with a finished work.

    Studio Jooles

    I take up to 8 students per class and 15 for workshops.

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  1. Where are classes held?

    The Kids Art Academy classes are held at

    1. Menai Community Hall, Allison Cres, Menai Market Place (opp library)     Also all holiday workshops are at Menai.

    2. Miranda Community Hall Karimbla Rd Miranda

    'Studio Jooles' classes are held at

    1. The Menai Studio (address on application)

    2. Woronora Lifesavers Hall. Prince Edward Park Rd, Prince Edward       Park. Woronora.

    Menai Community Markets are held 4 times per year at

    •    Parc Menai, Allison Cresent, Menai Market Place.

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  1. What age do you teach?

    Our main program is for kids aged 7 years and older. For current programs see "Information and Fees'

    Adults under 99 years lol

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  1. How experienced are the teachers?

    All our teachers are professional artist who are then trained by The Kids Art Academy. Our course has been fine tuned by over 20 professional artists.

    I am teaching all classes myself now. 

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  1. How do I enrol?

    Simply choose your class from the program. Then fill in the form, I will send an information email back,  then pay to be enrolled. Payment can be made by direct transfer.

    Payments need to be made 1 week prior to class. I will only book the class when I have firm confirmations. You may be disapointed if you don't pay on time.

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Benefits of Art

  1. What are the benefits of art?

    Developmental Benefits of Art !!

    Apart from learning drawing and painting skills, art uses many secondary skills which can then be used in other areas of life. 

    Art helps you to -

    • Improved academic performance

    • take pride in presentation skills

    • think creatively and have an open mind

    • be observant, describe and interpret

    • express feelings, analyse and think critically 

    • have a deep sense of personal achievement

    • strengthens problem-solving by thinking of multiple answers to the problem

    • make decisions and be decisive

    • develop a sense of innovation and become inventive people who seek improvement

    • move forward by creatively initiating new ways, not just thoughtlessly taking directions

    • realise multiple points of view

    • enjoy the sense of a meditative flow

    • play while learning! • collaborate with others

    • encourage and delight in your peers art

    • Culturally aware and build community

    • build confidence, feel pride, hold a sense of self, gain self esteem

    • gain calmness, reduce stress and Improve well being

    • express positive identity, invested in your inner self

    • increase positive emotions

    • improve motor skills, develop language

    • think, explore, experiment by trying new ideas

    • Improve flow and spontaneity

    • Understanding and use visual information and graphic symbolism

    • take safe risks by being inventive

    • release your feelings

    • relax, clear your head, focusing on chilling 

    • increasing morale

    • evokes as sense of playfulness. 

    • improving cognition 

    • strengthened attention span and focus

    • gain improved concentration skills 

    • enjoy its huge rewards

    • have a satisfying experience

    • focus and concentration at an intense level

    • gain personal confidence

    • express yourself 

    • to confidently display your personal self

    • to defend yourself positively to scrutiny and judgment

    • to have confidence in your decisions and views

    • gain communication skills

    These are just a few things off the top of my creative head.

    Q: Is art really necessary? What is the importance of art? 


    1. Everything you have liked and purchased was designed by an artist, from your car to your house, your clothes, your treasures. 

    2. All inventions have come from creative minds and problem solving skills. 

    3. Only good can come from healthy positive minds, and satisfied grounded people.

    have a sunshiny day!


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